DU Recorder Apk v2.3.9 | Screen Recorder and Video Editor

DU recorder is an accurate high-quality Screen Recorder which is compatible for any platform (Android greater than 5.0 version , iOS, Mac OS, Windows). It helps to record screen videos clear and smooth. This is a free app with a variety of features such as screen capturing, video recording and video editing. With the use of DU recorder, you can now record screen videos, game videos, video calls, live shows and much more.

du recorder

Moreover, the app does not need rooting and there isn’t a specific time limit to record. You will be handed over a better quality( 1080p, 12mbps, 60FPS) video which provides an interface for more than 20 languages.

Features of DU recorder 

  • Screen capturing 
  • Video editing
  • Screenshots and image editing  
  • Live creator

Screen capturing

With this function of DU recorder, you can effortlessly record video calls, popular mobile game plays and also live programs. The availability of many resolutions, framesets and bit rates supports to video the screen in super smooth. There are multiple inbuilt features in this app DU recorder, such as facilitating front camera, enabling to pause and resume screen recording, recording external sounds, availability of brush which is useful to draw on the screen video etc.

Besides the DU recorder is eligible to control screen recording by floating window on notification bar. Another aspect to introduce this app as a user friendly one is, this enables to stop recording the screen by a single shake. Plus, The recordings and captures of the DU Recorder can be easily shared  and backup to the computer over a WiFi connection. Also, the facility of GIF maker helps you to record your screen as a GIF.

Video Editing, screenshots and image editing

The DU recorder has inbuilt features such as video editing screenshots and image editing which helps you to do many tasks from a single app without installing different apps to

do different tasks. Once you have done recording the video, what is next to do is editing. DU recorder contains plenties of video editing functions which helps to create a video with better quality.

  Trimming, Merging, Adding background music, Adding subtitles, Changing speed, Rotating and Cropping and Converting to GIF, ease your job of video editing and makes the video interesting.

   Similarly, DU recorder enables to capture screenshots and edit them. You can take screenshots easily with just one click. There’s no holds and double presses. you can edit images by cropping blurring and stitching.

Live Creator

  This is one of the most important features of the DU recorder since it is very helpful to the live creators who use live streaming especially game players. This gives the ability to stream the screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Yet, you can stream films, the game plays, sports events and TV shows etc. Besides the DU recorder provides many features such as screaming with high quality, adjusting live stream privacy level settings, Real-time audience comment and front camera to use while live streaming. The availability of the front camera is very useful to game players where they can show themselves while playing games and for many game purposes.

DU recorder is a powerful combination of many inbuilt features which helps the user to do many tasks using one single app. The facilities in DU recorder minimize the need of installing separate apps to do separate tasks such as video recording, image editing and video editing. The DU recorder app can be easily installed by any app store on any platform. With the use of DU recorder, you can now ease your job of recording screen videos.

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