What is meant by Android MOD APK files?

Mod apk means the modified versions of the original apk file. Main usage of the Mod apk is to premium features of the app or the android game. Mod Apks are with all the premium features for free. And also many of them are with all the paid features for free.

The term “Mod” is made with the word “modified”, so simply a Mod APK means modified version of the original APK file.

There are many premium and paid features in a game so to activate them we have to pay to the app. This Mod Apks are with all the premium features and they are repacked into APK file formats. So it is very easy to use for anyone with an android device.

How to Install Mod APK files

  1. First find a trusted source to download the Mod APK file.
  2. Then download any Modded Apk file to your android device. If you download the apk file to the PC, then transfer it to your android device.
  3. Enable unknown sources in the settings menu of your android device.
  4. After that open the downloaded Mod apk file and follow the installation process.
  5. Now everything is done. Just open it and use it as a normal Android APP.

FAQs of Mod APK Files

Below are some general FAQs of Mod APKs when you are using them.

Who developed these MOD APK file?

These MOD APKs are not official and the are developed by third parties. As the Android operating system is a open source platform anyone can modify the apps. So many of the developers changed the original APK files and rebuilt the Mod apk files with all the premium features activated. Nowadays many of the android users tends use Mod APK than the original APK because in there all the premium features are free.

Do we need to Root our device to use MOD APK?

The direct answer for the question is NO. As the MOD APK files are rebuilt by the original APK files there is no need for any special permissions. Many of the Mod APk files are built to seem like the original ones. So to install and use them, you don’t need any special permissions and skills.

Why Mod apps are not available for iOS?

As Android is a Open source platform anyone can modify the apps, and also android devices can install any third party apps. But iOS is not the same as that. So the Modded versions are available only for Android.

Where are these MOD APK files available?

As the Mod apk files are developed by third parties these apps are not available in official google play store. So you have to find a trusted third party source to download MOD APK files to your android device. So it is very important to find a trusted source to download MOD APK files. If not there will be a chance of harming your device.

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