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Freedom apk 2018 is simply a game h*acking tool. It ha*cks games and apps in a unique way. Freedom apk 2018 creates a fake credit card which does not have money loaded in it. So you can use it in any purchase at the app market. This is kinda an illicit app which is not listed in Google Play store. From this app, you can immerse and use any app or any game to its fullest without spending a single penny.

freedom apk 2018

Why Freedom apk 2018?

Although you are given the opportunity of downloading most Android games and apps for free, to get the best features of them you have to do an in-app purchase. On the other hand, even the downloading of most popular and addictive games are not given for free. As in-app purchase is the main source of making money by most app developers it is a must to participate in-app purchase. In-app purchase never allows you to do a single transaction for free. So it is our job to find a way to do the transactions in a more fairly or in a free manner. If you are searching such tool Freedom apk 2018 is a good choice where you will get the possibility of downloading any app, game, their features completely for free.

Freedom Apk Download


Freedom Download

App NameFreedom
Latest Version1.6.9g
Updated On20th of April 2017
APK size1.7MB
Andoid version requiredAndroid 2.3 or above
Root permissionsRequired
Available on Google Play?No
Main purposeIn-App-Purchases

Features of Freedom apk 2018

freedom apk 2018 features

Freedom apk 2018 comes by fixing all the earlier issues and bugs. The number of compatible devices and the number of compatible games are widened through this update. Even the recently released offline games are supported by Freedom apk 2018 download. If you already have Freedom apk, it is better to update it to the latest version of Freedom apk 2018.

  • The in-app purchase gives most hidden but vital features of games and apps in exchange of money. With Freedom apk download you can get them completely for free from the in-app purchase.
  • No more cost to upgrade any app, unlock any level, or to experience any app to the fullest.
  • Buy any number of coins, diamonds, etc. from in-app purchase for free.
  • Pro-version of any Android app can be unlocked for free of charge.
  • Downloading, installing and the updating of Freedom apk is completely available for free.

User Guide to Freedom apk 2018 on the in-app purchase

freedom apk 2018 user guide

  1. As the first step, you have to download and install Freedom apk by following the same procedure of downloading a third-party app.
    1. Go to settings and enable "Unknown sources".
    2. Download Freedom apk 2018 from our site.
    3. Open the downloaded Freedom apk 2018 and tap on “install” option.
    4. Grant root permission after opening the app.
  2. If you already have an international credit card and have linked it with Google Play, you have to remove it. Freedom apk will use an own fake credit card on behalf of you.
  3. Now open the app where you will see a list of all the installed apps on the device.
  4. Tap and open the app which you needs to h*ack.
  5. Now go to the store and select all the required stuff from there and click on "Buy now" option.
  6. In a couple of seconds, Freedom apk 2018 will complete the payment. Google Play will recognize it as you’ve done the total payment with cash.

Although Freedom apk 2018 has fixed the issue of prompting "No connection" at in-app purchase, sometimes you will get an error message as "No connection". If so try the same procedure again. If not you will have to edit the system file by downloading a file explorer.


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