Freedom Apk Download v1.8.1 Latest version 2023 [Official Website]

Having Freedom apk is like having Google wallet account with you. Freedom apk is originally created for extreme game lovers. Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you can enjoy any premium version totally for free with Freedom app. It creates a virtual credit card and so you can purchase anything with it. Sounds good? With freedom apk, you will never ever lost in a game without having required premium things like diamonds, coins, moves, cars or any such stuff.


freedom apk download 2018

Freedom Apk Download



Freedom APK v2.0.9

What exactly freedom apk is?

Freedom apk is a ha*cking tool to ha*ck games and apps to buy unlimited premium features totally for free. It is the best option to be free in-app purchase. This app allows you to buy any coin, diamond, points, etc within the app without any cost by creating a fake valet account. Every rooted Android device can download freedom app to add premium features to their device. What is the use of spending money while there’s a tool like freedom app? Freedom apk helps you to purchase anything by creating a virtual credit card. With its credit checking system, you have the ability to purchase anything from the app store or from play store totally with no cost.

Benefits of freedom apk

  • Unlock every new level of games totally for free.
  • App purchase can be done without any cost.
  • Any premium version of any game can be bought totally for free.
  • You can unlock new versions of apps totally for free.
  • All paid apps are supported by Freedom apk.
  • Freedom app is available free for every Android and iOS devices.

How to download freedom apk?

  1. As the first step, go to settings and enable unknown sources. 👉Settings➡ Security ➡Unknown sources➡✔.
  2. Now download Freedom apk from above download links. (Make sure to keep enough phone memory for successful completion of download)
  3. Go to notification bar or downloads folder and tap on the downloaded freedom apk file.
  4. Now scroll down until you see "install" option and simply click on it.
  5. Now open the freedom app and give permission to root access.

How to use Freedom apk?

how to use freedom apk officially

If you already have a credit card for your play store account, as the first step you have to remove it from play store. This is because freedom app uses a new credit card on behalf of you at the Android market. When you open the freedom app, a list of preinstalled apps will appear. Tap on the app that you need to do app purchase. Now tap "buy" option at the app purchase. Freedom app will for you😉. Actually, Freedom apk pretends so. In this way, you only have to tap on "buy" option at every app purchase.


To grasp every premium thing to your mobile, downloading of freedom app is the easiest method. It will make you a champion by hacking games. With freedom app, you can enjoy every paid app, their paid features, paid games and so on. This is the most trusted way of hacking games. If you still don’t have an idea about Google wallet account, don’t worry. Download Freedom app. It will do all the functions of google wallet account for free.

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