TinyTask software for Widows – Free Activties Automation App

TinyTask software has become so popular recently because of its simplicity when it comes to automating minor computer activities.

No one likes to go through complicated procedures to get something done because it consumes a lot of time, and it’s annoying as well.

tinytask simple automation app for windows

So that, TinyTask App developers have considered that fact and developed its app to increase the user experience.

TinyTask User Experience Review

There is a lot of positive feedback for the TinyTask application’s simplicity in many app download platforms.

Apart from that, the user interface of the application also very user-friendly, and as a result, users can get their work done in few clicks.

In addition to that, the application totally free, and there are no subscriptions to pay.

In other words, you do not have to buy a license key to use the TinyTask computer activities automation tool.

So all the features are available for free of charge by now and we hope that it will continue the same in the future.

However, only a few PC activities automation software is available online that offers their service free of charge.

You can find a lot of TinyTask reviews about this aspect all over the internet.

One of the other most commented features in the TinyTask application is that it’s a lightweight app.

So that, it requires only a negligible amount of space in your computer hard disk to install it.

Moreover, the performance requirement to install the TinyTask software is very minimal where you can install it even on a computer with Windows XP operating system.

Further, the application supports all the latest Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, 8, and 7 as well.

Operating System Compatibility for TinyTask PC Activities automation tool

TinyTask is a cross-platform app, and therefore you can install it on many popular PC operating systems like Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI, and so on.

Some people say that the TinyTask app works on macOS as well. However, we have not tested it.

How to use This PC activates Automation Tool?

As we have noticed, the TinyTask software application is mostly used for data entry and spreadsheet-related tasks.

Because, the users can record the activities in macro form with the help of this tool and then command back to repeat the same activity any number of times.

For example, if you record activity to open your web browser and load a website, you can automate that any number of times using the TinyTask App.



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