YouCut Video Editor – Free Android Video Editor App

YouCut is a video editing tool with advanced features but yet easy to understand with its simple user interface.

youcut video editor app

Since YouCut is a free-of-charge application, you can benefit from all the exciting features that it provides without spending money on paid video editors.

It is available for android, but it does not available for IOS yet. However, it will be available soon on the Apple App store as well.

Why do you need a video editor?

Even though capturing videos is easier, getting them into the shape you want is not easier, and it’s not cheap to do as well, so that’s when a video editor comes in handy.

Also, a video is the best marketing and promotional tool. There is a reason why most of the advertisements you see on television are shown in videos.

So a video editor is essential to get these videos to the quality you want and attract people.

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Why should you choose YouCut over other editing tools?

Suppose you are an amateur video creator or shoot videos from your mobile phone just for fun. In that case, YouCut is a great tool for you to get your videos edited on your phone itself.

Further, you don’t have to run to your computer every time you want to edit a video since it has all the pro features that you want.

Since the YouCut video editor’s latest version is used to edit youtube and social media videos, you can get more people reached to you with the creativity that YouCut gives you.

One of the most important features of the YouCut video editor is that, unlike any other video editor that is available, YouCut doesn’t put a logo or a watermark at the end of the video.

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YouCut video editor features

YouCut video editor provides you with a handful of features including,

Cut, split, trim, slice, and join video files, adjust the video’s color and change the video aspect ratio, and many more.

YouCut video editor enables you to edit the video on its original quality.

For example, if you shoot the video in 4K, you can edit the video in the same resolution and export it on the 4K resolution.

Further, this video editor supports all the basic video formats, including DivX, mp4, WMV, and Avi.

You can edit videos more effectively since the app’s user interface is simple and easy to understand.

Directions to download the applications for android users

You can simply go to Google Play Store and search for the term “YouCut,” and from there, you can install the application.

If you prefer to install the APK version of the app, it is also available on many websites.


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