5etools – Get Best Tools for Dungeons and Dragons Role Play Game

5etools is one of the best suites of tools that was ever developed for the popular Tabletop Roll playing the video game “Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.”

There are specific features in this suite of tools that enable players to have the best gaming experience with Dungeons and Dragons.


Therefore, if you are a Dungeons and Dragons player and you want to enhance your gaming experience, this is one of the best and easiest ways.

5etools already has millions of users worldwide, and this tool is trusted among Dungeons and Dragons players.

There’s a list of unique features that are offered with the 5etools suit that you can see below.

5etools Features

As mentioned above, there are some great features included in this tool including.

  • Guides with instructions to become a better Dungeon Master.
  • It trains you to do fair gameplay and also to survive in the different harsh conditions in the game.
  • You get the ability to craft and repair items in the game more easily.
  • This suite of tools offers some interesting music and sound effects for you so you can enjoy the gameplay more.
  • Gaining race, class, the background is also possible because there are tools that are dedicated to it.
  • It’s totally free to download and use this tool.
  • You don’t need to worry about the safety of using 5etools because there is no malware or any viruses contained in it. It is tested and trusted.
  • 5etools has been designed to be lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about any laggings or slowing down your device while using it.

5etool download guide

Plutonium, Roll 20, and BetteR20 are some of the platforms that are compatible with 5etools.

However, the Plutonium module has the best compatibility over other modules.

The reason is that other modules only receive basic development and maintenance.

And Foundry VTT is one of the best Roll 20 alternatives.

Foundry VTT can give you the best experience when it comes to role-playing games.

Some rich features are included in the Foundry VTT that enable the players to connect through the browser more easily.

Further, Foundry VTT has more supportability than the 5etools when it comes to the Plutonium module.

Supported browsers and devices for the 5etools

  • All the major web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, have the supportability for the 5etools.
  • Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and MAC os and Linux have the supportability for the 5etools.

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