Inshot APK – Free Download Mobile Editing App (2023)

Inshot is a powerful video editing application with many pro-level features for mobile operating systems and PC operating systems.

It is one of the most downloaded video editors on the Google Play Store, with more than 100 million downloads on the platform.


So many people are in love with this application because of the advanced video editing tools that it provides for its users.

Also, anybody can learn to edit video with Inshot App within minutes because it has been designed with a simple user interface that is easy to understand.

It is available on many platforms, including Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and it is also available on Microsoft Store and MAC app store.

Inshot Video Editor Features

The features of this video editor can be divided into two categories, Advance video editing features, and Basic video editing features

Advance features.

  • Keyframe animations that can be applied to texts and stickers.
  • Chroma key for green screen videos.
  • Video masking option.
  • Video blending with a blending mode.
  • Color picker tool for adding colors to background and texts.
  • Sound effects, voice-over, and audio remover features.
  • Color filters and color adjustments feature.
  • Visual effects (FX effects).
  • Background remove option.
  • Easy sharing option.
  • Texts and 1000+ stickers.

Inshot APK Basic Features

  • Video trimming and cutting.
  • Splitting and slicing.
  • Crop videos.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio.
  • Change video speed.
  • Adjust the video volume.
  • Slideshow maker.

How to download Inshot on your device?

Inshot is available for different operating systems and devices.

Therefore, downloading methods are different for each operating system and each device.

You can follow the below guidelines to get this installed on your Mobile device, PC, or MAC.

How to download Inshot on Android?

Android has the most availability of this application.

You can easily find this app on Google Play Store and install it from there.

And you also have the option to install the APK version of the Inshot application straight to your Android device.

However, make sure to enable the “apps from unknown sources” option before trying to install it on your device.

How to download this application on my phone or I pad?

Inshot is available on the Apple App Store as well. So you can easily download it from there.

How to download Inshot for PC or MAC?

One of the most highlighted and great things about Inshot is that it had a dedicated version designed for PC operating systems.

You can easily download Inshot on the Microsoft store for windows.

For MAC, it is easily available MAC app store as well.

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